Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Glimpse of What I am up to at the Studio

 I am gearing up for my art exhibition that will be entitled 'Cosmic Fishnet' and will be showcased at loop Gallery in Toronto, November 4th - December 1st.
In a nutshell, the subject matter will incorporate the cosmic fishnet design which is said to contain all the sacred geometry designs in existance and the Fibonacci number sequences which demonstrate that all things in nature and indeed the universe begin with a single point and their very proportions are being repeated in everything and everywhere. 

The work is still ongoing.  The multilayered piece above has been silk screened with the 'cosmic fishnet' design and fibonacci number sequences.  The bottom layer has had the fibonacci number sequences hand written then further silk screened with my chosen design.  It is now ready for hand cutting.

I have also incorporated the fishnet design onto tulle fabric by applying dissolvable tissue onto the fabric, I draw out my design on this layer. I  then stitch over top of the tissue and tulle with gold thread, once the stitching is done I wash out the dissolvable tissue.  This will be another layer that will be applied to the top of my pieces.  The gold sheet in the backround is tyvek which has been painted and silkscreened for use in my 3-d designs.

This image incorporates my cosmic fishnet design on tulle with the 3-d hexagonal triangular design that I have chosen to morph out of the fishnet design.


  1. This is wicked. Love the theme. To me the illumination piece resembles aboriginal art from the haida.

  2. Thank you Ben. The Illumination piece was from my 2010 show, the inspiration was catherdral ceilings in Itally. For that show I was inspired by sacred spaces, meditative spaces and sacred geometry . The work from that show is on my website, the last three gallereis. Haven't updated since then. My new work which I have submitted sneak peaks from the studio will be more installation based on Fibonacci number sequences and sacred geometry. I have enjoyed watching how your work is progressing. I am really proud of you. How is law school going?