Monday, 16 December 2013

Designing Devas at 2nd Avenue Lofts Studio

It was a privalage this past weekend to host the Designing Divas ( Artists: Darlene Gulas-Bumo, Carolyn Chu, Mary T Kane, Yvonne Musey-Johnson and Lorissa Paschinski) at my 2nd Avenue Loft Studio.  I also decided to showcase some felted pieces as well as tyvek purses some of which were created since returning from my loop gallery show in Toronto 2 weeks ago.
I wish to thank everyone that came and made the show a success!
Some of my felted pieces

Darlene Gulas-Bumo with Joanne

Carolyn Chu

Lorrissa Paschinski in the white sweater

Yvonne Musey- Johnson

Kathryn trying out a Katryn T design
Mary T Kane

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