Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My Studio

The logical place to begin my first blog entry is to introduce you to my studio, this is where my all my creative ideas take shape.

The first photograph was taken within the first few weeks of moving to my new condo loft studio in Saskatoon at the end of April 2011.  It looks so tidy in this early photograph.  Trust me however, this is not the way it looks any more!  The only time it looks this good is if I have an open studio, then I spend the entire day before the opening madly cleaning and reorganizing! 

So... just in case you should decide to pop over and visit me at the studio, I have decided to provide you with a couple of pictures that reflect the normal state of my working space, which is so much more realsitic on an ongoing basis since I am involved with a number of different projects at any one given time.  This also relieves me of the responsibility of feeling that I must keep things more orderly, because after all this is a working studio and when it comes to any kind of cleaning, I would much prefer to make art!

Those tables are a little neater than usual and often get configured differently, depending on what I am doing.
Looks like I have room to serve you some tea too.  I hope you do drop by!

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  1. Nice studio space. I love seeing photos of other people's studios. Mine is always chaotic and verging on dangerous.