Thursday, 29 November 2012

Unity Quilt Deconstruction and Reconstruction

For those of you that were at my last loop gallery show in June/July, I continue to work on my Unity Quilt, which is a collaboration between the public and myself.  As a bit of a refresher and for those of you who are familiar with the project and for those of you who are not familiar with this work, I had invited and continue to invite the public at large to contribute their hand written highest 'truths' or those guiding principles that help them achieve their highest potential. I had also created a mixed media installation piece to receive more hand written 'truth offerings' from gallery visitors so that the quilt could continue to grow  and circulate beyond loop gallery.

The quilt was still in progress at loop gallery with the possibility of also further modifying it.  As time wore on, I was visualizing different ways of creating each quilt block, so I decided to deconstruct  the 'Unity Quilt' that I had begun for my last show at loop gallery last June/July and as a result I am currently reconstructing it.  As part of the reconstruction phase, I decided to create blocks of repeated designs that I alternate between each of the 'truth' blocks.  

The motif for these blocks, is one that has been repeating itself in my work for the last few years and has come to represent that divine spark that resides in each and everyone of us.  Indeed in everything!  At the core of the design is the seed of life and surrounding it is a DNA strand.
I have included Fibonacci's number sequences beneath each motif which continues to grow with each individual block that I create. These sequences are included because they seem to draw upon that hidden truth, that all things in nature and indeed the entire universe began with a single point and their very proportions are constantly being repeated everywhere and in everything!


  1. they are very intricate and beautiful, Elizabeth.

  2. Thank you Jan, each piece takes a considerable amout of time , but I feel it is worth the effort.