Tuesday, 4 December 2012

How to Contribute to the Unity Quilt

  When I have asked people if they would be willing to participate and contribute hand written 'truths' for the Unity Quilt, the most commonly asked question is, "What do you mean by my truth?" Others respond that they either don't have a truth or positive affirmation that they tell themselves to help them reach their highest potential, or are not creative enough to write one. Clearly, these responses suggest that I need to clarify what I mean by my request.

So for today's blog, I have decided to provide a few varied examples that  have been offered. Each contribution has been stuffed with batting and secured with metallic thread on transparent 13" x 13" tulle blocks.  

These blocks will eventually be sewn together as they are added to the Unity Quilt.  Participants have not only written their own personal mantras or truths but many have written already existing spiritual or philosphical sayings that offer them inspiration, some participating artists have chosen to submit pieces within their own disciplines. I have attempted to chose blocks that represent a little from each of those possibilities.

In addition to the contributions provided from the public, I have also chosen to include selected hand written quotes from a wide variety of scriptures, philosophers, religious sages and spiritual authors alike.  The act of stitching these truths together onto the quilt, is my attempt to symbolically exemplify our oneness with all that is.

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